Yuh Cheng Materials Corp (YCMC) was founded in 2003. Our products ranged from Precious Metal Chemicals,Gold Bonding Wire,Evaporing , Plating Salts and Precious Metal Refining Services etc.Being a highly recognized Precious Metal Chemical supplier as well as a famous Refiner, we are supplying to major domestic electronic manufacturers as well some overseas makers By 1998, in view of the pressing needs in local environmental protection and qualified raw material makers for the micro-electronics , Mr Yang formed YCMC-Dayuan plant to start up the production of higher added value electronic materials and high purity chemicals to supply to the domestic manufacturers.
In order to assist the local customers to get a better product and service, we have formed various J-V and co-operations with world-class makers in USA and Japan. We are committed to our role as a Quality Manufacturer and we have and will continuously invest in the hardware, software and automation for both the R & D and the production areas.
We sincerely hope that our effort and commitment in this business can contribute to the continuous growth in the local industry.
Name Yuh-Cheng Materials Co., LTD.
CEO Catherine Yang
Founded Nov. 7, 2003
Business Domain Semiconductor assembly materials
Capital US$10,000,000
Sales US$40,000,000
Employees 100

No.33, Dagung Road, Dayuan Shian, Dayuan Industrial Park,Taoyuan County 337, Taiwan, R.O.C.